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Betriebswirtschaft verstehen

Betriebswirtschaft verstehen

Das St. Galler Management-Modell
Lehrbuch als E-Book
[4. Auflage]

Business Studies

E-Book for our tablet reader in iOS, Android or on the web. After the purchase (as guest against credit card, as registered customer against invoice or credit card)

you will immediately receive your unlock code in the confirmation mail. Log into our free reader and unlock the eBook with the received code.
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English edition

In the updated 4th edition you will find the following changes and further developments:

Company examples and figures have been updated, references refer to in-depth reading.
The German and English editions are structured on the same page so that both books can be used in class at the same time.
The German edition is available both as a print book and an e-book. The English edition is only available as an e-book.
The solutions to the tasks at the end of the chapter can be downloaded free of charge here.
At the end of each chapter, learners can open a single-choice test via the free Cornelsen PagePlayer app to check their knowledge of the chapter content.

Print plus e-book can be ordered as a combined package for CHF 100.50 by emailing




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